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About Fungi Farms

Fungi Farms is a gourmet mushroom farm located in Alameda, CA.  In May of 2022, Jake set out on a mission to bring high quality, fresh mushrooms to his local community.  Jake comes from a long history of working in the service industry and knows how much it means to a customer when you put passion behind your work.  Combining his love for cultivation, food, and putting a smile on people's faces, Jake saw growing mushrooms as a way to do all three!

Fungi Farms aims to shine light on the fantastic world of Fungi and the numerous ways they can benefit our minds and bodies. Not only do fungi produce delicious mushrooms that are highly nutritious and medicinal, but they help maintain and balance all life on our planet.  

We invite you to follow along on this journey with us to find out how we can use Fungi to improve our lives and the lives of everyone and everything around us! Thank you for reading and when you get the chance, drop by one of our Farmer's Markets and say hello, we would love to meet you! : )



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